What do I need to know as a new Taxi Driver?

What do I need to know as a new Taxi Driver?

Are you new to the industry and wondering what your accounting and tax responsibilities are each year?

Do you know how or when to file a tax return?

Do you know what preliminary tax is?

Do you know how to apply for a tax clearance cert is?

Do you even know what books and records to keep and do you understand what a Revenue Audit is?

If you are unfamiliar to any of the above, try not to worry. You aim should simply be to concentrate on growing your taxi business and earning as much money as you possibly can and leave the burden of any administration work to us.
We specialise in taxi driver tax returns.
We have hundreds of very satisfied drivers on our books. We only charge €179 a year, that is less than €3.50 a week. We don’t even have to meet you, everything can be done online and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete, what we call, “An Online Consultation” In a later post we will explain this process.

All that you need to worry about is keeping track of your income and all business expenses. In a later post, we will explain all allowable expenses and some that are not allowed, even if a friend says they are.

So welcome to the industry. It is a great time to be taking this step into being a Taxi Driver as things are picking up so well at the moment.