About us


We are the only dedicated accounts practice that specialises in Taxi Driver tax returns. We are probably the best Taxi Driver Accountants in Ireland and we feel we are the cheapest Tax Driver Accountants in Ireland for the service we provide. We have hundreds of very satisfied customers.

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry with hundreds of very satisfied clients.

All accounts are only prepared by Qualified & Certified accountants.

Our online consultation programme was designed with the busy Taxi Driver in mind. We realised how an hour or two off the road could cost a driver a few quid in missed fares.

With the Online Consultation a driver can easily take 10 minutes out of their day and file their information with us. All correspondence is then dealt with either by email, phone or now even by Whatsapp. Account can be approved by email. This saves a driver an initial meeting and a approval meeting which in total can be over 3 hours.

MyTaxiTax are the only practice that deals solely with Taxi Drivers who can say that we are:

  • 100% Qualified
  • 100% Certified to Practice
  • 100% Insured
  • 100% able to provide you with any necessary letters and certified accounts you may need for your Bank, Revenue or Social Welfare
  • Our Certified accounts are accepted by SUSI
  • Offer rewards for recruiting new drivers.

Many “Taxi Accountants” would run a mile if you ask for certified accounts.