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What is a Tax Clearance Cert?

What is a Tax Clearance Cert?

Simply put, it is a electronic document, issued by the Revenue Commissioners that states that all of your tax affairs are up to date. It used to be a paper document but from the 01st January 2016 it has all been computerised.

For a Taxi Driver, this would mean that all income tax returns are filed and taxes are paid up to date but also any property tax due is fully paid.

Without a tax clearance cert it is very hard to renew a licence, apply for a NCT or to SGS your car.

Also if you are looking to get a loan from a financial institution, they would require one also.

Temporary tax clearance certs are possible to get for anyone with outstanding taxes. The individual would have to come to an arrangement with Revenue for the outstanding taxes. This usually involves a large down-payment and an agreed monthly installment plan. If the individual misses one month, the Tax Clearance Cert is revoked.



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